Advertisement Rates

Advertisement Buttons:
Member Advertisers - $200/year
(valid for member individuals only)
Non-Member or Company Advertisers - $400/year
(valid for non-member individuals, or company advertisers - banks, mortgage brokers, property inspection, real estate brokers, real estate developers and businesses targeting general consumers)

Articles Column:
1/2 page - $50/month
Full page - $100/month

Bottom of front page - $200/month
Bottom of other pages - $150/month

Project Development page:
1/2 page - $300/month
Full page - $500/month

For advertising inquiries please contact:
Syrus Lee, Website Marketing Director - Phone: 604-290-2808 Email:

For technical inquiries please contact:
Edmond To, Website Technical Director - Phone: 604-253-9522 Email:

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